Dr. Ahmad Al-Dabbagh, PhD, PEng, Principal’s Research Chair in Control Systems (Tier 2) is an Assistant Professor in Manufacturing Engineering. He is the founder of Okanagan Laboratory for Control Systems Research that specializes networked control systems, industrial automation, fault diagnosis, cyber security, and alarm management.

Courses: MANF 465 Digital Enterprise



Dr. Michael Benoit, PhD, PEng, is an Assistant Professor in Manufacturing Engineering. Dr. Benoit’s research is in the area of materials processing and focuses on additive manufacturing (3D printing) of high strength aluminum (Al) alloys and brazing of Al alloys.

Courses: APSC 260 Mechanics of Materials I, MANF 475 Welding and Joining: Processes & Metallurgy



Dr. Hassan Iqbal, PhD, PEng, is a Lecturer in Manufacturing Engineering. His area of expertise and interests lie in LEAN management, KAIZEN management, six sigma, and oil & gas pipeline integrity management.

Courses: MANF 230 Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, MANF 330 Manufacturing Engineering Project, MANF 470 Production Systems Management III, ENGR 416/516 CAD/CAM/CAE

Dr. Dean Richert, PhD, PEng, is an Assistant Professor of Teaching and Program Chair for the Manufacturing Engineering Program. His area of expertise include industrial automation, sensors and instrumentation, distributed control & algorithms, networked control systems, and optimization.

Courses: MANF 368 Engineering Measurements & Instrumentation, MANF 386 Industrial Automation, MANF 455 Factory Planning, MANF 486 Mechatronic Systems Laboratory


Dr. Babak Tosarkani, PhD, PEng, is an Assistant Professor in Manufacturing Engineering. His research interests include supply chain management, operations management, decision support systems, sustainability, and healthcare systems.

Courses: MANF 370 Production Systems Management II, MANF 460 Supply Chain Tactics and Strategies



Dr. Abbas S. Milani, PhD, PEng, is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Director of Materials and Manufacturing Research Institute (MMRI). His research interests include Composites Forming Processes; Finite Element Modelling; Material Selection for End-of-Life Design Strategies; Multiple Criteria Decision Making; Design and Analysis of Computer & Physical Experiments;  and Industry 4.0/5.0. He  serves as the NSERC CREATE in Immersive Technologies (CITech) program lead, with an active pillar under manufacturing education and research using VR/AR/XR.